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Strong editorial design doesn’t just decorate text or make something look pretty, but it takes into account its content and its readers. In 2014 I was hired to be the new designer for The Avalanche Association’s winter publication The Avalanche Review, and over the summer of 2015 I was tasked with redesigning this publication. For the […]Continue Reading


Just this weekend a friend and I joked about all the lists that appear on social media with silly yet somehow intriguing titles such as: “10 Things Not to Say to Introverts”, “5 Awkward Moments That Don’t Happen in Movies”, and  “10 of the Most Important Photographs in History.” However, the world of social media […]Continue Reading


Climbing is a puzzle. A climber is presented with a solid set of features: rock that is hard and unchanging, a peak that has existed for hundreds of years. The climber has to create a way up the rock face. Each person has a unique body and different skills that will get them there. There […]Continue Reading