Strong editorial design doesn’t just decorate text or make something look pretty, but it takes into account its content and its readers. In 2014 I was hired to be the new designer for The Avalanche Association’s winter publication The Avalanche Review, and over the summer of 2015 I was tasked with redesigning this publication. For the […]Continue Reading


“Yeah, I’d love to climb with you, but I hope you don’t mind rope-gunning because I haven’t climbed in forever.” “I can come, as long as you don’t mind that I’m slow.” “I’m excited for tomorrow, but I know it will crush me.” These are generalized statements, but they could have been said by any number […]Continue Reading


Thanks to The American Alpine Club and the Live Your Dream Grant, I was able to take a trip to Alaska this past May. My partner Luke and I got to climb some fun peaks, though we kept our aspirations small and didn’t climb any of the popular giants in the area. I put together […]Continue Reading