In fall of 2011, I teamed up with Chris Dickey at Purple Orange , a PR firm based out of Jackson, Wyoming, to to create a visually appealing graphic to communicate the statistics and science related to genetically modified foods. Little did I know that this fun project would create content so compelling that people would be asking me to re-print it for years to come.

Dickey’s client, PROBAR, partnered with the non-profit Non-GMO Project to create awareness about GMOs and to lobby for labels to be required on GMO food, and we wanted to make a visual to help them out. In October, which is Non-GMO month, this infographic made the homepage of, which is one of the leading websites on environmental topics, and is viewed by 1 million unique viewers every month. After that it was seen and reposted by the editor of, a site dedicated to beautiful and informative infographics. Now it can also be found on As of 2013, the infographic is being printed in an Atlanta based newspaper and is being used in an exhibit and handout for a Canadian based non-profit, GMO Free Lethbridge. It is an great honor to have created such compelling work that it is being re-posted and re-printed across North America and the web.