I completely redesigned Nate Greenberg and Dan Mingori’s ski guidebook for the second edition. For this edition, Dan, who is a fabulous photographer, wanted to really showcase his images. We removed the heavy colored bars that ran along the top of the first edition of their book and went with a slicker, cleaner layout so that his photos can speak for themselves.



We super-imposed route lines and route names on top of photos to clearly describe where people should go.




Collaborating with the authors we came up with a set of icons to appear in front of each run description along with some stats and details such as total distance and elevation gain. These color coded icons illustrate the aspect, consequence and exposure rating, and slope angle. The idea is that a savvy backcountry skier could look at the avalanche forecast rating for the day, and then flip through the book and easily find a run with the appropriate slope angle, aspect, and difficulty rating that would put the skier in the least amount of danger for the day. We wanted this book to not only inform people on where to go and how to get there, but to also contribute to wise decision making.