This morning I am enjoying my coffee barefoot. I am reclined in a secondhand papazan chair and the rising sun is sending its thin, warming rays through my windows, kissing my toes. I am trying to savor it. In a couple of weeks I will be waking up on the Kahiltna Glacier in Alaska – […]Continue Reading


Just this weekend a friend and I joked about all the lists that appear on social media with silly yet somehow intriguing titles such as: “10 Things Not to Say to Introverts”, “5 Awkward Moments That Don’t Happen in Movies”, and  “10 of the Most Important Photographs in History.” However, the world of social media […]Continue Reading


“I’m flying by the seat of my pants here…” my design professor would say before just about every critique. My classmates all joked about his trademark phrase, but I always liked how it gave the impression that he pulled himself out of bed, showed up in class, and creative ideas were just rolling out of […]Continue Reading