I specialize in editorial and publication design, what I refer to as creative organizing. Something about taking scattered bits of information and transforming them into an elegant and informative publications appeals to me. I work by the theory that design is not art, but a functional way to communicate information. My top priority is always to accomplish the communication goals of my client while making something visually pleasing and easily understandable.

In addition to creating the layout for two books that I co-authored, SuperTopo’s High Sierra Climbing, Second Edition and Bishop Bouldering Select, I have been the primary designer for Wolverine Publishing for several years, working on the design and production of over 20 different titles. I am currently the designer of the American Avalanche Association’s winter publication The Avalanche Review.

I have been hired as a book design consultant and template designer by several self-published authors. I designed usable Indesign templates for Blake Herrington’s climbing guide for the Cascades and Matthew Van Biene’s and Chris Kalman’s upcoming climbing guide to Index, Washington.

In 2011, I designed an infographic  about GMOs commissioned by the PR firm Purple Orange for the clients ProBar and the Non-GMO Project. During October of that year, the infographic made the homepage of,  and, a site dedicated to beautiful and informative infographics. Now it can also be found on As of 2014, this infographic has been printed by several other organizations to spread the word about GMOs, including Scholastic. It is an great honor to have created such compelling work that it is being re-posted and re-printed across North America.

Interested in a publication design project? Contact me at for a discussion and a quote.