Just this weekend a friend and I joked about all the lists that appear on social media with silly yet somehow intriguing titles such as: “10 Things Not to Say to Introverts”, “5 Awkward Moments That Don’t Happen in Movies”, and  “10 of the Most Important Photographs in History.”

However, the world of social media pleasantly surprised me this morning with this list of The World’s 25 Best Design Schools, my alma mater being #3!

This list is interesting because it is based on a survey of creative professionals where they each ranked how “valuable” each institution is. Valuable? I’d say so. Few other schools systematically preach design theory while at the same time emphasizing professionalism and real world work skills. The co-op program incorporated into the curriculum provided me with experiences so valuable to my life that it is difficult to measure. On top of work experience and classroom critiques, the program encourages self-learning. The attitude was “You don’t know how to do that? Go figure it out. ” This attitude has stayed with me through my work life and personal life, and is infinitely rewarding.

When I was in high school thinking about attending design school, DAAP, or University of Cincinnati’s college of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, was ranked #3 nationally, and is exciting to see that a program that heavily influenced me continues to get recognition for its quality standards.