Outside Magazine just did a review of reviews.

Wait-what did I just say?

The internet is chock full of information, some of it useful, some of it fabricated, and some of it is just plain filler. One thing that gets a lot of coverage, with different levels of quality, is gear. Just about every website that sells outdoor gear allows users to review it, and there are even more sites dedicated to doing only reviewing gear. Cleverly, Outside Magazine decided to comb through the many gear review blogs and websites out there and reviewed which ones give the best and most reliable information.

I’m proud to say that OutdoorGearLab won the top honor. Chris McNamara and the rest of us gear review editors work hard to thrash the gear and give strait-forward compare-and-contrast reviews complete with revealing photos. I’m excited that Oustside Magazine recognizes this site as the one with the most reliable information.

I just returned from a climbing trip in Patagonia, where I was putting Women’s Mountaineering boots the test. Stay tuned to read the final review about how the different boots measured up.