One of the benefits of being a freelancer, is the ability to work from interesting places instead of staring at the same picture of your grandmother on your cubicle wall every day. To me this is creatively refreshing. When I am at home in Mammoth Lakes, a typical workday usually involves at least some time spent point-and-clicking from Stellar Brew, my favorite local coffee shop. I have spent time working from The Love Muffin Cafe in Moab, Utah, which is one of my favorite coffee shops of all time. This week I am working from my friend’s home in Clifton, Cincinnati. This is the amazing view of downtown Cincinnati out her living room window:


As much as I love the freedom to work from anywhere, I do think there is a benefit to having a dedicated “office” where as soon as you enter that room you are ready to work. I used to do contract work for another freelancer in Jackson, Wyoming who had a home office. Eventually he decided that the lines between home and work were too blurred, and he was either always working or always distracted. So he rented a small office above a bike shop, which allowed him to define a place and a time to work. Having the freedom to work from anywhere means that I can create that for myself from any location. When I go to a coffee shop or a library with the intention of working, I know my goal is to accomplish some business. Getting out of the house means that I don’t have the distractions of home, and I look at it as if I am going to an office, though the scenery changes every day. I think the important part is mentally establishing boundaries between work, play, and home and managing your time appropriately for all three.

Fellow freelancers, do you have an opinion? Do you need a set place to accomplish work or can you work from anywhere? What are some of the strange places you have worked from?

Now, on to the more important stuff…


EDIT: One week later, here I am working on a project for the American Alpine Club while on a rest day from climbing at Red River Gorge (its pouring rain) and I’m sitting in the iconic Miquel’s Pizza basement. Life is good.