Normally, I am not interested in submitting entries to design competitions. In my mind it is a way for a company to get free graphics and not pay for the time required to produce something innovative and high quality. I also have seen companies that shamelessly used old submissions to contests in new designs without crediting the designers at all, which I think is disrespectful.

That being said, it is a way for a company to bring completely fresh and new ideas into their line of products and it is a good way for me to exercise my creativity and technical skills while I have down time between other projects.

Since work is a bit slow right now, I have extra time to devote to trying out new things and stretching my mind and capabilities.  I’m working on a design contest entry right now that is a t-shirt design for the splitboard binding company Spark R&D. They want this graphic to be their only apparel graphic for the whole season, which would be a fun contest to win.

Besides splitboard bindings, they make a crampon that fits on these bindings called Mr. Chomps. I think this is one of the more genius product names I have ever heard of, because in fact, “Chomp!” is exactly the noise the crampons make while wearing them! I have often joked with my friend who own these binding and crampons about this name. I felt like this contest was a good opportunity to create my own rendition of Mr. Chomps.

Here is my entry below: