How do you measure success? I’m sure everyone has a slightly different take on this one, but society seems to measure in possessions and wealth. I choose to measure in a different way.


I consider myself successful if I can provide for myself in an exciting and rewarding profession while maintaining balance and happiness in my life. This means equal parts creativity, hard work, physical activity and social connection.

Here is a summary of my life at this moment in time: I work for myself,  writing gear reviews and working on design projects that I love passionately. I climb as often as possible, and am constantly trying to improve myself as a designer, an entrepreneur, and a climber.

I have a lot to learn about running a business, improving my technical skills, and mentally keeping my head in the game. (But of course, that’s the fun part!) This is where I think climbing and graphic design actually have a lot in common. Both are intensely creative and strategic and involve mental focus as well as technical ability. Both require constant vigilance in order to improve. Luckily for me, I am goal oriented and I like challenges, so being on a quest to learn and grow suits me just fine.

This way, every day, whether a workday or climbing trip, is a successful adventure.