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I just got my latest shipment of gear to review for I am excited to put this gear up to the test! Among the contenders are the Scarpa Mont Blanc- a waterproof women’s mountaineering boot:   And the Arc’teryx Epsilon AR Jacket to go in the women’s soft shell jacket review. This is an […]Continue Reading


One of the benefits of being a freelancer, is the ability to work from interesting places instead of staring at the same picture of your grandmother on your cubicle wall every day. To me this is creatively refreshing. When I am at home in Mammoth Lakes, a typical workday usually involves at least some time […]Continue Reading


Normally, I am not interested in submitting entries to design competitions. In my mind it is a way for a company to get free graphics and not pay for the time required to produce something innovative and high quality. I also have seen companies that shamelessly used old submissions to contests in new designs without […]Continue Reading


Recently I have come to realize how vital communication is to…. well everything in life. Design is, in and of itself, a form of communication, albeit, visually. Communicating with clients, and how it is done, is what can make or break a project, no matter how creative and skilled you may be as a designer. […]Continue Reading


First of all, thanks for coming to my new site! This site is a true product of me: a fusion of my design portfolio, business services, and a blog cataloging my outdoor adventures and thoughts of being passionate in work and play. I am a freelance graphic designer. I love it. It is the scariest, most […]Continue Reading


How do you measure success? I’m sure everyone has a slightly different take on this one, but society seems to measure in possessions and wealth. I choose to measure in a different way. Happiness. I consider myself successful if I can provide for myself in an exciting and rewarding profession while maintaining balance and happiness […]Continue Reading