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Strong editorial design doesn’t just decorate text or make something look pretty, but it takes into account its content and its readers. In 2014 I was hired to be the new designer for The Avalanche Association’s winter publication The Avalanche Review, and over the summer of 2015 I was tasked with redesigning this publication. For the […]Continue Reading


“Yeah, I’d love to climb with you, but I hope you don’t mind rope-gunning because I haven’t climbed in forever.” “I can come, as long as you don’t mind that I’m slow.” “I’m excited for tomorrow, but I know it will crush me.” These are generalized statements, but they could have been said by any number […]Continue Reading


Thanks to The American Alpine Club and the Live Your Dream Grant, I was able to take a trip to Alaska this past May. My partner Luke and I got to climb some fun peaks, though we kept our aspirations small and didn’t climb any of the popular giants in the area. I put together […]Continue Reading


This morning I am enjoying my coffee barefoot. I am reclined in a secondhand papazan chair and the rising sun is sending its thin, warming rays through my windows, kissing my toes. I am trying to savor it. In a couple of weeks I will be waking up on the Kahiltna Glacier in Alaska – […]Continue Reading


Just this weekend a friend and I joked about all the lists that appear on social media with silly yet somehow intriguing titles such as: “10 Things Not to Say to Introverts”, “5 Awkward Moments That Don’t Happen in Movies”, and  “10 of the Most Important Photographs in History.” However, the world of social media […]Continue Reading


“I’m flying by the seat of my pants here…” my design professor would say before just about every critique. My classmates all joked about his trademark phrase, but I always liked how it gave the impression that he pulled himself out of bed, showed up in class, and creative ideas were just rolling out of […]Continue Reading


Climbing is a puzzle. A climber is presented with a solid set of features: rock that is hard and unchanging, a peak that has existed for hundreds of years. The climber has to create a way up the rock face. Each person has a unique body and different skills that will get them there. There […]Continue Reading


This is a guest blog I wrote for Chicks with Picks after my trip to Patagonia in December 2011. It can also be found in its original published form on the Chicks with Picks website. As someone who is completely in love with climbing and mountaineering, when my partner Luke suggests a trip to Patagonia, […]Continue Reading


Outside Magazine just did a review of reviews. Wait-what did I just say? The internet is chock full of information, some of it useful, some of it fabricated, and some of it is just plain filler. One thing that gets a lot of coverage, with different levels of quality, is gear. Just about every website that […]Continue Reading


Some exciting news for Cardinal Innovative today, my latest project has just been featured on the homepage of the well respected website! To see my GMO infographic on their site and what they said about it, click here. TreeHugger is visited by 1 million unique visitors every month, making it one of the largest […]Continue Reading